Info For Cyclists

Transportation of cycles from John O'Groats is best arranged in advance, it can be quite a challenge to get your bikes back down South if you intend to use the Rail or Airport connections.

Tranport to Wick and Thurso from John O'Groats:

The best choice is to use KPH Taxis.

We can carry up to 7 bikes + luggage + people in our Ford Connect. Along with another 3 or 4 in our Peugeot estate taxi.

The journey takes approximately 25 minutes - no hanging around for buses or getting soaked/blown off your bike/even more tired after doing the 'End To End'.

You then have 3 options to get your bikes to Inverness and beyond:

1. Rail from Wick and Thurso:

This can be difficult if left until the last minute. The trains will only up to four bikes and even booking your bike on in advance has been known not to guarantee space because of overbooking. Having said this, I have been assured that overbooking no longer takes place....

It is sometimes possible to get your bikes on the train as hand luggage - if the bike is stripped down. Though acceptance appears to depend on how busy the train is (and what sort of mood the staff are in). Please bear in mind that during the summer season there can be a large amount of cyclists looking for transport South every day.

The journey South by rail is very scenic - but takes 4 hours to cover the 105 miles from Wick to Inverness....

2. Coach from Wick and Thurso:

There is a regular and reliable coach service to Inverness, they will take bikes if they are stripped down and they have available space - always check in advance if you take this option. The journey takes 3 hours by coach.

3. KPH Taxis:

We pick you up at your chosen point and drive you straight into Inverness Rail station or Airport. The journey takes around 2 1/4 hours and we can (by prior arrangement) stop off en-route if you wish.

We also take passengers and their cycles down to Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow Airports on a fairly regular basis - the journey times for these are around 5-5 1/2 hours - though this is very dependant on traffic conditions.

If you require any more information or a competetive quote for your journey, please phone us on 01955 631444 or go to the 'Contact' page on the website.